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injury law archives

Weekly Roundup for February 7, 2013

A driver pulled into the path of another driver, striking the driver’s door. The driver who was struck was hospitalized, along with a passenger in the first vehicle. Lindsey Vonn, a Colorado skier who was participating in a super-G competition, sustained a serious injury to her right knee after crashing during the competition. A 15-year-old […]

Weekly Roundup for January 31, 2013

Colorado Springs Police report that the area is no longer on accident alert status. This status allows people involved in car accidents to exchange information and to report the accident later if nobody is injured. X Games athlete Caleb Moore has died as a result of the injuries that he sustained when participating in a […]

Weekly Roundup for January 24, 2013

A three-car accident occurred on U.S. 36 after a Jeep ran into the back of a Subaru. The Jeep flipped over and the male driver was ejected. The Subaru hit the median and was hit by a second Jeep vehicle. The driver of the first Jeep was declared at the scene. The Colorado Supreme Court […]

Weekly Roundup for January 17, 2013

An accident occurred on I-25 north of Cimarron after a vehicle hit a parked police car that was on the roadway to assist with a previous accident. Toyota Motor Corp. has settled a wrongful death suit against the company that was brought by the family of a man and woman who died after their Toyota […]

Weekly Roundup for January 10, 2013

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle on Academy, near Fountain in Colorado Springs. The pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital and police are investigating the cause of the accident. A teenager died after hitting a tree while skiing at the Copper Mountain Resort. The 13-year-old male was on the beginner trail at the […]

Weekly Roundup for January 3, 2012

For the third time, Colorado lawmakers are attempting to establish a threshold for the amount of THC that Colorado drivers can have in their system while driving. Two commissions are preparing to send bills to the legislature regarding the matter. According to new findings released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out […]

Weekly Roundup for December 27, 2012

A 21-year-old woman plowed through a fence and crashed into the side of a house owned by Longmont residents. Police believe that the driver fell asleep and lost control of the vehicle because of a medical condition. A driver and his passenger died during a recent blizzard when the driver drifted over to the other […]

Weekly Roundup for December 20, 2012

Prosecutors are seeking a judge’s approval to drop charges against a 40-year-old woman who is believed to have run over two pedestrians and causing a skull fracture in a 14-year-old baby while driving in October. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released information regarding a recall by General Motors. Approximately 150,000 trucks are being […]

Weekly Roundup for December 13, 2012

A man received the first texting and driving ticket in Longmont, but he plans to fight the ticket because he says that he only responded to the message with the voice-to-text option on his phone. Holiday drivers can stay safer with the Metro Taxi smartphone app that allows them to hail a cab by touching […]

Weekly Roundup for December 6, 2012

A woman who was arrested for suspicion of driving drunk was the only Boulder Police Department officer that was given the responsibility of enforcing DUI laws. A man was killed after driving his vehicle down the wrong way of I-25 and crashing into a semi-truck. The truck driver will not be cited. The federal Department […]

Weekly Round-Up for November 29, 2012

The man who was responsible for two construction workers’ deaths after driving his car onto a nearby grassy area and rolling down an embankment has a court date set where he will face two charges of careless driving causing death. A report filed with the Colorado Department of Revenue indicated that a fatal accident involving […]

Weekly Round-Up for November 22, 2012

A man was cited with two misdemeanor traffic offenses after he lost control of his vehicle, ran up an embankment, ran back down the hill and hit and killed two road workers. The driver of a vehicle that was featured in a popular YouTube video honking and traveling closely behind two cyclists has plead not […]

Weekly Roundup for November 15, 2012

Colorado police officers have expressed concern over the potential effects of legalized marijuana and the probability of more impaired drivers on the road. Colorado’s Department of Transportation reported that 564 people in the state were arrested for suspicion of drinking and driving around the Halloween holiday. A woman who is suspected of drinking and driving […]

Weekly Roundup for November 8, 2012

Five soldiers from Fort Carson are recovering after being involved in a vehicle rollover accident. They were riding in a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle at the time of the accident. A woman died after being involved in an accident that was caused when she drove in front of a pickup truck and was subsequently […]

Weekly Roundup for November 1, 2012

According to Colorado’s Department of Transporation, nine semi-trucks were recently involved in an I-70 accident near Agate. One of the trucks caught fire. Daylight Savings Time may pose a danger to Colorado motorists who will be driving during dusk when the wildlife community is most active and prone to entering the dark roadway. A driver […]

Weekly Roundup for October 18, 2012

Two women were killed Monday while they were walking the baby of one of the women in a stroller. An SUV ran them over while they were walking through a crosswalk. The baby suffered a fractured skull but is expected to survive. Grand Junction, Colorado police officers have alerted the public that they are on […]

Weekly Round-up for October 11, 2012

A fatal accident occurred tonight when a vehicle veered off US 36 and the owner of the vehicle was ejected. An investigation is still ongoing but alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor. The Colorado Department of Transportation is preparing for the coming winter and is prepared to use part of its $60.9 million […]

Weekly Roundup for October 4, 2012

Colorado state patrol officers state that dangerous road conditions could have been to blame for a car accident that occurred last week that caused an SUV to roll over and kill the driver inside. A man shot himself while on a Colorado roadway, causing four nearby drivers to get into an accident as they reacted […]

Weekly Roundup for September 27, 2012

A Fort Carson solider was killed Thursday evening after his vehicle rolled over. He was pinned down for over three hours after the accident and was partially ejected from the vehicle. A semi-truck driver died after being involved in a car accident that was caused after a vehicle was disabled in the middle of the […]

Weekly Round-up for September 21, 2012

A Denver jury awarded a Colorado man a $7 million verdict after he brought a lawsuit against a microwave popcorn manufacturer and claimed that the fumes that he breathed in from the popcorn caused him lung damage. Colorado honeymooners were involved in an automotive crash just four days after tying the knot. They reportedly struck […]

Weekly Roundup for September 13, 2012

Mothers Against Drunk Driving provided seventeen awards to Colorado law enforcement officers for their work in helping to prevent underage drinking and to curtail drunk driving in the state. h A pickup truck struck a family’s minivan after he allegedly lost control of his vehicle and entered the opposite lane. A child was ejected from […]

Weekly Round-Up for September 6, 2012

A man was recently pulled out of a burning vehicle in a rescue attempt but was soon thereafter arrested by Colorado State Patrol. The charges include operating an uninsured vehicle, careless driving and driving with a revoked license. Colorado state troopers have reported a 40 percent increase in drunk driving arrests during the summer, compared […]

Weekly Round-Up for August 30, 2012

Allstate Insurance’s eighth annual “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” has announced that four Colorado cities rank in the top 200 cities as the safest cities to drive in. Fort Collins ranks third out of all the cities on the list. Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora also made the list. Colorado Springs police officers have confirmed […]

Weekly Round-Up for August 23, 2012

A child is now paralyzed after being involved in a car crash. She unbuckled the chest restrain of her five-point harness moments before her mother crashed into a bus. Three police officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department personally witnessed a fatal pedestrian-auto accident on South 8th Street when a Jeep ran over a pedestrian. […]

Weekly Round-Up for August 16, 2012

A Boulder judge ruled that enough evidence is present to take a case to trial against a drunk driver who allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a car. The driver and passenger in the other vehicle were injured and one is not expected to survive his injuries. A semi-truck and two SUVS were […]

Weekly Round-Up for August 9, 2012

Allstate recently sponsored an event in Colorado Springs to teach teenagers and adult drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. Drivers ran through an obstacle course four times with different types of distractions to show how driving is affected by distractions inside and outside the car. A man drove his vehicle into a house and […]

Weekly Round-up for August 2, 2012

The Colorado Department of Transportation is offering a free car seat check at the Fremont County Family Center. The check is conducted every Thursday between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. A tractor trailer driver hit a line of cars that were stopped in a construction zone and the construction flag man. The flag […]

Weekly Round-up for July 26, 2012

Twelve people were killed and dozens more were injured after a man opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater that was showing Dark Knight Rises. Investigators state that the man was wearing a gas mask and body armor when he began the massacre. The first lawsuit associated with the Dark Knight Rises has been […]

Weekly Roundup for July 19, 2012

New statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation indicate that the number of DUIS has decreased steadily over the last three years to 26,010. Fatalities related to alcohol have also declined between the years 2001 and 2010. A motorcycle driver and his passenger sustained medical injuries after crashing into a vehicle in front of the […]

Subrogation – New Rules In Colorado

Subrogation is a legal term which means that the insurance company of a person who was injured in an accident is entitled to receive a part of the settlement money paid to the victim. As a legal principle, subrogation is designed to prevent a plaintiff from collecting a compensation twice for the same damages suffered. […]

Weekly Round-up for July 12, 2012

Police have attributed a rollover crash on US 36 to the driver’s road rage after his SUV rolled over and witnesses reported that the other driver did not stay on the scene. A Colorado bicyclist was seriously injured Tuesday morning after he collided with a Jeep in Boulder County. The cyclist was transported to a […]

Weekly Round-up for July 5, 2012

Three Colorado Boy Scouts, their Scout leader and another passenger died when the scouts’ vehicle crashed into a motor home while they were returning to Colorado Springs from their Wyoming camp site. A Mobile, Alabama jury returned a wrongful death verdict against Springhill Memorial Hospital on behalf of a plaintiff’s family after she was overdosed […]

Weekly Round-up for June 28, 2012

A Colorado fugitive was arrested after police spotted his vehicle. The man was reported after he allegedly ran over a toddler who was crossing the street and fled the scene of the crime. A man was seriously injured after he lost control of his vehicle while driving on I-70. His car went airborne, it hit […]

How to Document a Car Accident

Here are some tips for documenting a car accident. Audio Transcript For over 20 years, we’ve had a great team here at The Werner Law Firm. Hi. This is Anna Kopnina from The Werner Law Firm. When you’re injured in a car accident, many concerns arise. In the beginning, it’s important to stay focused on […]

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

The purpose of Uninsured Motorist Coverage is to help protect you in the event of a car accident where the other driver does not have insurance. Eventhough Colorado law dictates that every driver carries a minimum liability insurance policy, 33% of Denver drivers don’t (or have let it expired). In this video, I explain how […]

Can I Settle My Car Accident Case Without an Attorney?

You may have the opportunity to settle your case regarding your car accident injuries with the insurance company. However, watch this video for advice for tips on whether you should consult an attorney before taking this step. Audio Transcript: I get lots of telephone calls from people whether or not they can settle their case […]

What Is the Difference Between a Serious and Minor Personal Injury Case?

Serious personal injury cases vary from minor personal injury cases in several ways, including the type of representation recommended for the victim. Watch this video to learn more about the differences. Audio Transcript There’s a huge difference between a serious personal injury and a simple personal injury. In a serious personal injury, for example, you […]

Can I Recover Lost Wages in My Claim?

You were injured in an accident due to someone’s negligence and you missed time from work. You may have used your sick time, PTO, vacation time, or unpaid leave. You may be able to recover the damages you suffered from missing work. Watch this video for two helpful tips on how to document your lost […]

How can I get help paying my medical bills?

Medical bills can be an overwhelming aspect of an auto accident. The good news is there may be options available to help you with you bills. Audio Transcript For over 20 years, we’ve had a great team here at The Werner Law Firm. Hi, I’m Sandy from The Werner Law Firm and I’m here to […]

What Is Med Pay and How Much Should I Get?

Med Pay (medical payment insurance) is special add-on to your car insurance policy to help you pay for emergency medical services after an car accident. Audio Transcript Medical payment insurance coverage is a special kind of insurance coverage that you have to buy from YOUR own insurance company. You should buy medical payment insurance coverage […]

Is It Possible to Reduce the Amount of Medical Bills I Owe?

Here’s a little secret: You can negotiate your medical bills that result after an accident. They can add up quickly into crippling amounts. Learn how The Werner Law Firm can reduce your medical bills and assist you with your personal injury case by watching this video. Audio Transcript Huge and overwhelming medical bills are one […]

When Will I Get My Car Repaired After an Automobile Accident?

After a car accident, it can be frustrating to have to wait for your vehicle to be repaired. Insurance companies often drag out the claim process or deny responsibility. At the Werner Law Firm, we know how important it is for you to have working transportation and treat the repair of your property as a […]

How to Document a Car Accident

Millions of car accidents occur each year. No matter if the accident is minor or major, your fault or theirs, it is important to document a car accident immediately. Follow the steps in this video to document your car accident and to ensure success with your personal injury claim. Audio Transcript Rule number one is […]

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Property Damage?

If you have wondered how insurance companies determine the amount of property damage for your claim, check out this video for more details on this issue. Audio Transcript For over 20 years, we’ve had a great team here at The Werner Law Firm. My name is Debbie Braun and I work for The Werner Law […]

Weekly Round-Up for June 21, 2012

Circuit court Judge William Alexander II has upheld the jury’s verdict for two families of Virginia Tech students who died as a result of the deadly massacre in 2007. The jury found the school negligent when officials took two and a half hours to alert campus students to the attacks. Colorado’s Division of Motor Vehicles’ […]

Weekly Round-Up for June 14, 2012

A Colorado court recently awarded a worker and his family over four million dollars after the worker was seriously injured when he was working on a drilling rig that is owned by Tesco Corporation in Rifle, Colorado.  Denver jurors found a Colorado woman guilty of vehicular homicide and DUI after she plowed into another vehicle […]

New Law Changes the Penalties for Hit and Run Accidents

Governor Hickenlooper signed an important bill on Wednesday, June 6 that has the potential to make a tremendous impact on how law enforcement will treat hit and run accidents in Colorado. The governor’s signature was the last step in the process to pass the bill. House Bill 1084 was established to protect accident victims and […]

Weekly Round-Up for June 7, 2012

The Colorado House passed a new law that will increase the penalties of hit and run drivers after a driver crashed into a University of Denver student and fled the scene of the crime. A Colorado woman was slapped in the face by another motorist after she honked at the driver who was directly in […]

Weekly Round-Up for May 31, 2012

Checkpoints have popped up from Ault to Fort Lupton so that state patrols can conduct random safety checks on commercial vehicles to ensure the safety of the trucks on Colorado roadways. Patrols inspect the vehicle’s brakes, tires, steering and suspension. The patrols also check the truckers’ paperwork. A five vehicle crash resulted in Basalt after […]

Weekly Round-Up May 24, 2012

The Werner Law Firm reports first quarter for 2012 of over $2 million in awards to accident victims. This quarter places the firm in a good position to exceed last year’s recovery figure of $5 million. Chrysler Group has issued a recall of 68,000 2010 Jeep Wranglers after the company received 14 reports of the […]

Denver Personal Injury Law Firm Recovers Over $2M in Damages in Q1 2012

DENVER, CO – The Werner Law Firm reports that during the first quarter of 2012, Rich Werner and his legal team have recovered more than $2 million dollars for the accident victims they have represented in personal injury cases. The Denver based injury law firm recovered over $5 million on behalf of plaintiffs in 2011. […]

Weekly Round-up for May 17, 2012

The Automobile Association of America’s Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that more teen drivers die during the summer months than during any other period of the year. 422 teens die each month of the summer compared to 363 deaths during non-summer months. The Colorado Governor has recommended that the Department of Public Safety should handle […]

Weekly Round-Up for May 10, 2012

The Colorado Attorney General announced that the state of Colorado will be receiving $1.7 million from a multistate settlement with Abbott, the drug manufacturer of Depakote. The manufacturer claimed that the medication could be used to treat schizophrenia in spite of a study the manufacturer conducted showing the drug was ineffective for treating this disease. […]

Tom Martino Endorses Personal Injury Lawyer, Rich Werner, for the Third Year in a Row

DENVER, CO:For the third year in a row, well-known Denver-area consumer advocate Tom Martino has once again given his official endorsement to The Werner Law Firm, a prominent personal injury firm. The Werner Law Firm is the only personal injury law firm in Colorado to receive Tom Martino’s endorsement. Rich Werner has specialized in personal […]

Weekly Round-up for May 3, 2012

A House committee recently approved a bill designed to compensate victims of recent Colorado wildfires. The bill is aimed at creating a commission that would hold formal hearings regarding events related to the wildfire and issue further recommendations to lawmakers on how to properly compensate victims. Colorado is one step closer to passing a bill […]

Understanding Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Insurance

According to Colorado law, every driver must carry liability auto insurance with a minimum coverage limit of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury coverage plus $15,000 per accident for property damage. City and state police officers do a commendable job enforcing this rule, however many drivers manage to break this law […]

Legal Round-Up for April 26, 2012

Minutes after a Garfield County deputy sheriff broke off pursuit of the speeding vehicle, a Nissan Maxima drove off the road and rolled over, causing the driver and two passengers to be ejected from the vehicle. The driver and one passenger died as a result of the injuries they sustained. The Colorado Springs Police Department […]

One of the Most Effective Ways to Cause an Automobile Accident

Our society loves the internet. We love our computers and our smartphones. Most people feel lost if they are separated from their mobile phone for very long. People tweet, download and read news on the internet. They constantly feel the need to update their status on Facebook. Unfortunately, some people out there do these things […]

Helping Your Attorney Get Your Case Ready

When you hire an attorney to handle your personal injury case, you may assume that there is nothing more you need to do. While your lawyer and their legal staff will take the lead, there are a few additional things you can do to help get your case ready. If you are involved in an […]

Legal Round-up for April 18, 2012

Florida reforms its automotive liability requirements. Personal injury protection requirements have now been replaced with bodily injury liability requirements, causing insurance rates to dramatically decrease. The old system required the insured to maintain personal injury protection coverage to provide for accident claims, regardless of the driver’s fault. Protestor’s death from the Occupy Wall Street movement […]

Parking Lot Accidents

How much trouble can you get into within a confined space with vehicles generally traveling at low speeds?  A lot (no pun intended).  Auto accidents routinely occur in parking lots.  People are too concerned with tuning in their favorite radio station, dialing up their best friend on their cell phone, or lighting up a cigarette […]

What is Mediation?

Mediation seeks to bring conflicting parties to an agreement of compromise and for ending a legal dispute without having to go to court.  It is a negotiating session that is mediated by an impartial third party (the mediator).  Mediation is often used in contract disputes and other civil matters.  It is sometimes referred to as […]

Elderly Drivers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in  2008, older people were responsible for causing 15 percent of all traffic fatalities, and 18 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. Eighty percent of the traffic fatalities that involved older drivers occurred during the daytime, while 72% occurred on weekdays. Sixty-nine percent of car accidents involving […]

What Does the Legal Term “Reasonable Person” Mean?

There are many ways to define the term “reasonable person.”  For people living in Denver, a reasonable person would likely be described as someone who acts reasonably, does not expect too much from others and generally gets along with others.  In legal situations, however, the term “reasonable person” takes on a different meaning, often depending […]

Weekly Round-up for 2/24/2012

Buddy Trahan, a Transocean Ltd. rig supervisor who barely survived the BP Deepwater Horizon rig disaster, asked a federal judge to free his stalled personal- injury lawsuit from the oil-spill litigation set for trial in New Orleans on Feb. 27 http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-02-23/transocean-employee-hurt-in-bp-blast-begs-for-separate-trial.html Legislators in Florida’s House and Senate are voting on bills mandating new training for […]

What are “Pain and Suffering” Damages?

The aim of a civil lawsuit is to recover damages. Damages are a way to monetarily compensate an injured party for any injuries suffered by them as a result of the actions of the defendant. The Colorado State Judicial Branch defines damages as: The monetary compensation which may be recovered by a party for personal […]

Weekly Round-up 2/17/2012

A new study shows that head impacts among second-grade football players can be as severe as those seen at the college football level. As a result, Pop Warner youth football league is imposing a new rule that limits the amount of contact allowed in youth football practices. http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/7601017/study-impact-youth-football-head-hits-severe-colleges Boulder, Colorado is taking a stand against […]

Weekly Roundup for February 3

A Boulder, Colorado study sheds light on bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Boulder, Colorado. http://www.dailycamera.com/boulder-county-news/ci_19895363 A Florida auto-insurance reform bill aims to limit the types of health care clinics that could get reimbursements under the state’s personal injury protection law. http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2012/02/03/florida-auto-insurance-reform-clears.html This article discusses a Connecticut law that may be preventing legitimate medical malpractice suits […]

Weekly roundup for Jan 13

Talk about liability.  A 22-year old woman was lucky to walk away with only a broken collarbone after her bungee cord snapped over a crocodile-infested river on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45925027/ The devastating Japanese earthquake of March 2011 will undoubtedly have a long legacy, and now Tokyo Electric Power claims that it no longer owns […]

The Most Common Reasons People Hire Personal Injury Lawyers

It is an unfortunate fact that there are limitless ways in which a person can be injured.  Some are actually comical (you can see some of the weird stuff people attempt on YouTube) but many more are tragic.  A Denver personal injury lawyer sees cases that run the gamut of accident types, but some types […]

Weekly Round-Up for January 6, 2012

You have to love the style of some judges.  Some write opinion in verse, others in the local vernacular.  http://lawhaha.com/strange-judicial-opinions/eccentric-judges/ Do you remember the McDonald’s hot coffee spill case?  Or, the case of the psychic who received a jury award for losing her abilities after a CAT scan?  The media’s portrayal of “frivolous lawsuits” is […]

Weekly round up for dec 30

Wal-Mart, Supervalu, Walgreen, Kroger and Safeway remove powdered baby formula from shelves after a Missouri newborn who consumed the formula died of a rare bacterial infection.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45762595/ns/health A group of former NFL players sued the league alleging that brain injuries suffered in their playing years left them struggling with medical problems years later.  http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Ex-NFL-players-Jamal-Lewis-Dorsey-Levens-blame-league-for-brain-injuries-122211 With […]

Weekly Round-Up Dec. 23

In a move to prevent head injuries in youth skating programs, Skate Canada, an organization that provides training programs for hockey and figure skating clubs, has decided that ice and snow sport helmets must be worn and that bike helmets are not suitable protection for ice skaters.  http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Metro+Vancouver+rinks+increasingly+cool+bike+helmets/5820742/story.html   Have you ever wondered how Christmas […]

Dec 16 weekly round-up

A number of Head Start centers across the country, which provide early education services to nearly 1 million low-income kids nationwide, were found to have serious safety violations, which could have led to the injury of many children.  http://www.newsday.com/news/new-york/safety-violations-found-at-head-start-centers-1.3385487 According to a report by the CPSC, holiday decorations are increasingly causing injuries to people.  http://www.emaxhealth.com/1506/holiday-decorations-are-increasingly-causing-injuries-cpsc-report […]

Weekly Round Up Dec 9, 2011

A Utah family whose two girls died from pesticide poisoning nearly two years ago has settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the company and employee blamed for the accident.  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/politics/53062248-90/case-bugman-nocks-toone.html.csp In a sad case demonstrating how dangerous it is to combine drinking with inexperienced driving, a teenager who drove his SUV into a tree in […]

Weekly Round-Up 12/2/11

The first civil lawsuit in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal has been filed in a Pennsylvania.  http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/college/plaintiff-civil-lawsuit-jerry-sandusky-claims-abused-100-times-penn-state-coach-article-1.984405   The United States federal government has agreed to pay $2.5 million to the family of Robert Stevens, the first person killed in the anthrax letter attacks of 2001.  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/30/us/anthrax-victims-family-to-receive-2-5-million-in-settlement.html?_r=1 A German “think tank” has published […]

11/25 Roundup

Talk about a big mess on the highway.  A tractor-trailer hauling 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of sealant apparently had a seal break on a valve which resulted in the road surface of the Pennsylvania Turnpike being swamped with tar.   Who is responsible for cleaning everyone’s cars? Just in time for the holidays, here are the […]

Weekly Round-Up for 11/18/11

What is the connection between a deadly airline crash and young drivers?  It all has to do with five things young drivers do not learn in driver’s education classes.    Are you a fan of “Hangover 2”?  If so, you may be interested to learn that a stunt double for Ed Helms is suing Warner […]

Weekly Round Up for November 11

Not all slip and falls are caused by icy conditions.  Sometimes the culprit is other slippery stuff such as oil, and Wal-Mart’s failure to properly clean up an oil spill at one of its stores means they will be paying out a large award to a truck driver injured in a slip and fall.  More […]

Weekly Round-up for 11/04/11

Averting a potentially catastrophic airplane crash by executing a “perfect emergency landing”,   the pilots of a LOT Polish Airlines flight from the U.S. to Poland safely belly-landed their Boeing 767 after its landing gear failed to descend properly. It is not quite time for those annual lists of most dangerous toys that are released around […]

October 28, 2011 Weekly Round-Up

Watch out while driving on these haunted roads. The question of ghostly liability remains unanswered! It is always interesting to look at how U.S. traffic statistics compare with other countries’ statistics.  A recent study found that Canadian drivers involved in accidents in The U.S. were significantly less likely to have been under the influence of […]

Silent EVs

Do not assume that only our sense of sight gets us safely across an intersection.  We also use our sense of hearing.  New technology unintentionally may make being a pedestrian a little less safe.  There are increasing numbers of auto accident injuries and also injuries stemming from motorcycle accidents due to the growing number of […]

NHTSA Car Seat Recall List

Parents try to do everything they can to ensure the safety of their children.  Unfortunately, some have had to hire a Denver injury lawyer because their child was injured in a car accident.  One very important way to keep kids safe when they are riding in a motor vehicle is to make sure that they […]

Colorado Family Files Listeria Lawsuit

One of the best parts of summer is all the great tasting fruit that is available.  You wouldn’t think that eating cantaloupe as part of a healthy diet could make you sick, but as recent news has shown, there has been a recent outbreak of Listeria poisoning linked to cantaloupes grown in Colorado. A Denver […]

Weekly Roundup for Friday, October 7

First, it was Colorado Cantaloupe that was blamed for causing listeria related illnesses.  Now California romaine lettuce is also joining the ranks of listeria tainted food products. One positive outcome of the poor state of the U.S. economy is that the number of drunk driving incidents is down over the past five years. What if […]

Colorado Booster Car Seat Law Now In Effect

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in the years 2006 through 2010, 64 children between the ages of 0–12 who were passengers in a vehicle died in traffic crashes in Colorado.  Of those 64 children, 55% were not using a child safety seat or a seat belt, or else they were using one improperly.  […]

NTSB Most Wanted List

The National Transportation Safety Board (the NTSB) has compiled its own Most Wanted List.  The list brings attention to changes that could save numerous lives and avoid many injuries caused by transportation accidents. Many, many accidents occur daily in Denver.  Personal injury attorneys see the tragic results of many of those accidents, which often cause […]

Weekly Round-Up for September 30

In order to protect ourselves in the event of an accident, most of us have car insurance, health insurance and homeowners’ insurance.  But some celebrities have some really outrageous insurance policies. There is a way to keep a teen driver safer.  NADAguides has come up with a list of vehicles that could help keep students […]

Weekly Round Up for September 23

It is bad enough when air show performers are injured, but a number of spectators at a Nevada air show ended up with serious and fatal injuries. It isn’t just parking garage fender benders that can result in injuries.  Even upscale venues see crime occur in their parking garages, which begs the question of how […]

Weekly Round-Up September 16

Even eating healthy can get you sick these days, sometimes leading to long term disabilities.  Grocers are pulling Rocky Ford cantaloupes off their shelves after they were linked to a multi-state outbreak of Listeria. Car vs. motorcycle accidents often have a tragic outcome.  However, through the bravery of passers-by, one motorcyclist was able to survive […]

Colorado Teen Driving Statistics

As car accident lawyers, we are very concerned by nationwide statistics regarding teen drivers.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year-olds is motor vehicle crashes.  Sixteen year-old drivers have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age and are three times more likely to […]

Weekly News roundup for September 9, 2011

With millions of children now back to school, everyone needs to keep in mind how to best ensure children’s safety while riding school buses. Even if we can make school buses as safe as possible, other issues may arise, such as what happens when children are dropped off at the wrong location? Perhaps things are […]

What You May Not Know About Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases can involve not just doctors, but nurses, physicians’ assistants and the like.  Individuals injured as the result of medical malpractice should seek out legal advice from a medical malpractice attorney.  Doing so will help to ensure that their rights are properly protected.  Medical malpractice cases arise from the negligence of a medical […]

When Bears Attack, is There a Question of Liability?

In the spirit of personal challenge and growth, many teens embark on wilderness training programs.  If disaster strikes, such as a wild animal attack, how liable is a wilderness training company?  Does signing up for a wilderness adventure mean that the school itself should be absolved of any liability in the event of severe injuries? […]

Weekly News Blog Roundup September 2, 2011

First an earthquake and then a hurricane named Irene:  East Coast residents may need to resort to legal help for property damage claims. Not all hurricane injuries happen during the actual storm.  People need to know how to stay safe and avoid injuries in cleaning up after a hurricane. In an effort to improve motorcycle […]

New Practices Hold Promise for Reducing Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are a devastating type of personal injury. The types of birth injuries can range from minor bruises and marks from the use of forceps to broken bones (a broken clavicle is not uncommon) through to brain injuries. A number of things referred to as birth injuries actually happen during the delivery of the […]

Injury News Roundup August 26

ABA Journal: Should $1 Million be the standard amount of money to compensate a pregnant woman who delivers a stillborn child because of medical malpractice? NY Times: A small NYC law firm is preparing to bring a class-action suit against New York City on behalf of cyclists over summons for what it contends are for […]

Injury News Roundup August 19

Wrongful Death via Mountain Goat: The widow of a 63 year old hiker who was gored to death by a mountain goat in Washington’s Olympic National Park has filed a federal wrongful death claim against the park. Sketchy Skechers Shape-up Shoes: An Ohio woman has filed a suit alleging that Skechers Shape-Ups shoes can cause serious […]

Injury News Roundup August 12

Grand Junction Physician Arrested for Fraud. Second doctor in connection has warrant for arrest. Fraud scheme cost lives of four patients. An Upstate New York Tour Bus Accident – 19 injuried. Police will help determine if speed was appropriate for wet conditions. New Anti-Bullying Law for Schools in New Jersey. Law goes into effect in […]

Injury News Roundup – August 5th

Brain Injury Lawsuit Settles in Fremont: A tragic slip and fall accident that started with the plaintiff helping police with a burglary investigation. Settled for just under $1.1 million. Driver Error Kills 2-1/2: A tragic car accident that killed a pregnant woman and her friend in Miami. Prison in England Admits Liability of Prisoner’s Injuries. […]



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